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OpenWorkouts Changelog

Release summary

0.2.0, March 1, 2019:
Improvements on user signup, added i18n support for the UI (+ es translations)
0.1.0, February 15, 2019:
Initial release, includes signup/login + per-user complete workout management and an initial set of stats.

Release details


  • New:
    • Added support for different locale/language for the UI (#56, #69) (+ spanish translations)
    • Added user verification by email on signup (#29, #61, #66, #67)
    • Several internal improvements:
      • Added migrations support for the ZODB database (#45)
      • Moved the setup of development environments to use ZEO
      • Added a tasks module to run periodic tasks into separate processes
      • Set logging capabilities and proper log files
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed bug in the profile page yearly stats chart, that caused the wrong weekly/monthly label to be highlighted on page reload.
    • Weeks for the current month were displayed in the wrong part of the yearly activity chart in the profile page (#68)
    • Set a title automatically when adding manually a workout without providing one (#58)
    • Signup form does not keep values on error (#60)
    • Profile images were too big (#51)
    • Fixed several UI problems in mobile devices (#50, #57)
    • Fixed broken bin/install script (+ extended it with some new features)
    • Use a gif "loading" image instead of a fixed image while the screenshot of a workout tracking map is being generated


  • New:
    • User signup and login, password reset and basic user profile management
    • Multi-sport workouts support
      • Add workouts manually or upload using tracking files (gpx and fit supported)
      • Edit/update workouts manually or with tracking files
    • Time-based archive for workouts in the user dashboard
    • Time-based (global, per-month, per-week) stats and charts
    • Detailed view of a workout, including basic workout info, stats and an interactive map for those workouts with gps data
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