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1<html xmlns=""
2      xml:lang="en"
3      xmlns:tal=""
4      xmlns:metal=""
5      xmlns:i18n=""
6      i18n:domain="OpenWorkouts"
7      metal:use-macro="load:"
8      tal:attributes="lang request.locale_name">
10  <metal:content metal:fill-slot="content">
12      <!-- Promo -->
13      <div class="promo-content">
14          <h1>Welcome to OpenWorkouts</h1>
15          <p>OpenWorkouts is a web app for tracking workouts.</p>
17          <p>Add workouts manually or upload them from gps/tracker files (gpx and fit supported currently)</p>
18          <p>Time-based archive to access your workouts</p>
19          <p>Detailed view of each workout, including overview data (speed, distance, time, hr, power, etc), charts and an interactive </p>map view for those workouts with gps tracking information
20          <p>Tools to edit or update workouts from new gps/tracker files</p>
21          <p>Global stats (totals for distance, time, etc) and per-month, per-week stats</p>
22          <p>Personal profile data containing basic info</p>
23      </div>
25  </metal:content>
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