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Correct elevation that is broken in fit files

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We all have suffered this. Your cycling computer goes nuts due to rain or bad weather, so your nice 100km +2000m ride ended up in 100km +186m with an elevation chart that is not what you did.

Once we have implemented #42 (match workouts), openworkouts could be able to detect that the workout went on a gps-traced route you did before, and it could detect big differences in elevation data, asking you which one is correct.

It should be you the one telling ow "this is the correct data, please fix this workout".

In such case, OW should override only elevation data in the workout that is wrong, regenerating the gpx tracking file.

Idea: there shouldn't be need to modify the fit file, as once the gpx tracking file is generated, it is that one we use for everything in the UI. Also, keeping the broken fit file sounds ok, allowing you to get a copy of that damaged file for whatever reason.

Idea 2: Maybe add a warning in the UI, when downloading the fit file, "this file contains corrupt elevation data, do you prefer a fixed one?"

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