What is it?

OpenWorkouts is a web app for tracking workouts.

Some highlights:

  • Add workouts manually or upload them from gps/tracker files (gpx and fit supported currently)
  • Time-based archive to access your workouts
  • Detailed view of each workout, including overview data (speed, distance, time, hr, power, etc), charts and an interactive map view for those workouts with gps tracking information
  • Tools to edit or update workouts from new gps/tracker files
  • Global stats (totals for distance, time, etc) and per-month, per-week stats
  • Personal profile data containing basic info


Quick and easy, the install script

The easies way to install is to grab a copy of the source code and run the install script.

You can get the sources using git, cloning the main repository from this url:

Once you have the sources, you can run the install script from a terminal/console:


If you don't have any of the needed dependencies, the script will tell you. Once everything is installed, you will see a message on screen telling you how to start the app.


Documentation is available here:

The sources for the documentation can be found in the main OpenWorkouts repo, here: browser:OpenWorkouts-current/docs

Todo / Ideas / Components / What we will do

  • User management (signup, profile/preferences, change password, login)
  • Tracking workouts (upload .fit/.gpx/.tcx files + storage + ¿indexing?)
  • Showing workouts (parsing the stored data + showing a map, details, etc on screen)
  • Editing workouts (add title, description, details, pictures, videos + adjustments like time, total distance, etc)
  • Sharing workouts (show to other users, "like/kudos", comments)
  • Stats (compare workouts - yours or with other's - , per-period - week/month/year - statistics)
  • Syncing workouts (look for other openworkouts servers, "link" a friends server, share info between servers)
  • Playing workouts ("fly-by" like feature, where you can "play" and see multiple users' workouts at the same time in a given area. Play the gps track information in a map synced with a video uploaded to the workout - gopro owners would love this one - )
  • Tracking 2.0 (API that can collect live data from mobile/gps device for "live" tracking)
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