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OpenWorkouts - keep track of your workouts

What is it?

OpenWorkouts is an open source web application you can use to keep track of your workouts, whatever sport you are doing.

You can upload files with workout info like gpx or fit files that contain gps tracking information, heart rate values, cadence, temperature, power information; or you can add manually workouts providing values such as distance, speed, altitude or workout time.

Then you will have a date-based archive to find workouts, as well as some tools and charts to gather statistics about your workouts.

For outdoor sports with gps tracking data, you will see the gps data on an interactive map, as well as charts for the different types of data provided with the workout.

Todo / Ideas / Components / What we will do

  • User management (signup, profile/preferences, change password, login)
  • Tracking workouts (upload .fit/.gpx/.tcx files + storage + ┬┐indexing?)
  • Showing workouts (parsing the stored data + showing a map, details, etc on screen)
  • Editing workouts (add title, description, details, pictures, videos + adjustments like time, total distance, etc)
  • Sharing workouts (show to other users, "like/kudos", comments)
  • Stats (compare workouts - yours or with other's - , per-period - week/month/year - statistics)
  • Syncing workouts (look for other openworkouts servers, "link" a friends server, share info between servers)
  • Playing workouts ("fly-by" like feature, where you can "play" and see multiple users' workouts at the same time in a given area. Play the gps track information in a map synced with a video uploaded to the workout - gopro owners would love this one - )
  • Tracking 2.0 (API that can collect live data from mobile/gps device for "live" tracking)